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“Together we can make incremental changes that have monumental impacts”



What is the Accessibility Atlas program?

As your accessibility consultant I will take you and your business on a journey to map out a future that is accessible to all.

We will work together so that you and your team have the tools needed to confidently assist and interact with disabled customers and/or colleagues from a number of physical and neurological disabilities including some who may be wheelchair, cane or service dog users.

This will be achieved through practical exercises, such as sighted guide training, as well as helpful tips and tricks on how to interact with neuro divergent customers through role play. There will also be lots of opportunity for group discussions and Q&A, so that all of your team members are heard and feel supported on their accessibility awareness journey.

Our overall objective is to implement incremental changes to your workforce that will have a monumental impact to your customers, both with and without disabilities.  After these fun yet informative sessions you and your team members will feel confident and empowered with the knowledge that they are equipped to safely, respectfully and comfortably support a variety of customers, whilst knowing they are a part of an accessible and inclusive business.

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